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The World Economic Forum ‘Cancels’ Vladimir Putin in Globalists’ Escalating 5G War Against Russia


Russian president Vladimir Putin has been “canceled” from the World Economic Forum. The Russian leader is banned from attending the annual gathering of global elites at Davos, Switzerland.

“The World Economic Forum, best known as the host of an annual meeting of elites in Davos, Switzerland, says it’s freezing all its relations with Russian entities following the invasion of Ukraine,” the Huffington Post reported.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin last participated in the event at a virtual ‘Davos Agenda’ meeting in January 2021. Previously, he attended the event in person,” the report added.

WEF said in a statement on Thursday about Russian officials that it “will not engage with any sanctioned individual or institution in any of our activities.”

Big Tech giants have launched an all-out assault on Russia’s digital and social media users in the aftermath of the Ukraine invasion: Deplatforming Russian state media sites, demonetizing users on Instagram and YouTube, and blocking access within the country.

Putin escalated his confrontation with Big Tech companies in highly personal fashion beginning last September. The Russian leader even sent FSB operatives to a tech exec’s home to threaten him directly if he didn’t sign off on his decrees.


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