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There’s no way Russia can win the war


Foreign Minister Baerbock welcomed the decision of the traffic light coalition and the Union on the 100 billion euro special fund for the Bundeswehr. However, she warns of “massive gaps” in defensiveness. In addition, Russia must “under no circumstances win this war”.

Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock welcomed the agreement between the government and the Union parties, which decided on Sunday evening to initiate a joint amendment to the Basic Law for the 100 billion euro Bundeswehr special fund. Opposite Deutschlandfunk said the foreign minister:

“It’s a good compromise where we make sure that NATO can rely on us.”

However, Germany currently has to “assume a different responsibility” due to a “completely changed European peace order, where we are also talking about a threat again,” said Baerbock in an interview with Deutschlandfunk. She justified the agreement on the massive increase in the Bundeswehr special fund with the words:

“In this terrible situation, we can only ensure together as Europeans, only together as NATO partners and also only together in the Federal Republic of Germany that we are able to defend ourselves and, above all, that we make it clear to our eastern partners – we defend everyone corner of our common alliance area and yes, our partners have to be able to rely on us.”

“We have now put together an overall package where we can quickly fulfill our obligations in NATO,” explained the Greens politician. When asked if she wanted Ukraine to win the war, she replied:

“Russia must not win this war under any circumstances.”

To do this, “Russia needs a strategic defeat” so that Ukraine can “again make free decisions about its country.”

Even before the parliamentary summer break, “an initiative to accelerate the legal basis for the planned special fund of 100 billion euros for the Bundeswehr will be launched,” said representatives of the SPD, Greens, FDP, CDU and CSU after more than three-hour negotiations in a joint Explanation on Sunday evening with

According to the first announcements, the investments may only be spent on the armed forces. When asked about the agreement in the interview, Baerbock explained on the subject of cyber defense that in recent weeks it had been determined “that we have massive gaps in terms of our ability to defend ourselves and, above all, our ability to form alliances (…).”

The area of ​​​​cyber defense is anchored in the “Upgrading Act” and promoted. The Foreign Minister explained:

“At the same time, we anchored cyber resilience in the Upgrade Act, in which we make it clear that making the Bundeswehr so ​​fit that we can support our eastern partners in the Baltic States and other places and not just security goes hand in hand promise and at the same time to launch a cyber defense strategy, because this is a hybrid war and that’s why we have to do a lot more here in this area, and we will do that on the basis of a common concept, which we are developing as part of the national security strategy and Of course, also make funds available for this, and in large sums.”

Finally, Baerbock emphasized that the members of parliament from the various parties would “advocate” that the alliance and defense capability be strengthened, “close the gaps in the Bundeswehr, which are massive, in such a way that the soldiers are safe in can go into action”.


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