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Trucker convoy in Canada can claim one victim: Justin Trudeau’s approval


The truckers clogging Canada’s streets may not have won any concessions yet on COVID-19 restrictions, but they can claim one victim: Justin Trudeau’s popularity.

The Maru poll conducted late last week found only 16% of Canadians would vote for Trudeau again while 48% believe he was “not up to the job of being Prime Minister.” Only 29% of respondents believed Trudeau “has acted like a Prime Minister should” in dealing with the convoy.

Pollsters said the findings suggest the trucker protests may have dealt a powerful blow to Trudeau’s future political ambitions.

“The last time I’ve seen numbers even close to this were in the final days of Brian Mulroney,” said John Wright, executive vice-president of Maru Public Opinion. “I think this could cost him his job.”

About 53% of Canadians think Trudeau has looked weak in the face of threats to the country while 44% think the Prime Minister has inflamed the situation, the poll also found.

On Sunday, police began arresting protesters blocking the bridge in Windsor separating Canada and the United States, a major artery for trade that has been blocked for days.

The Maru poll found Canadians support such action.

Only 20% said they fully supported the truckers while 66% would have those aiding and abetting the drivers in their protests charged with fines and potential jail terms.


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