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Tucker: Blame everyone but Biden


Tucker asks why thousands of Americans are moving from California to Mexico, and takes a look at Biden’s answer to dealing with inflation. Highlights include:

“In just a year and a half, Biden and Ron Klain, his strange, shadowy Chief of Staff, have done more damage to this country than anybody could possibly have imagined. We read the numbers every night, but they don’t capture it.”

“You know what captures it? This story.”

“Things are so bad in Joe Biden’s America that thousands of Americans are voluntarily moving to a Third World country in the middle of a brutal drug war. Yes, there are human heads littering the side of the road in Acapulco, but at least it’s not Los Angeles.”

“Suddenly, the cost of taxes, the crime rates, the politics, all the things that people are unhappy with in California make them want to come down to Mexico.”

“Now, one upside of moving to Latin America is like-minded neighbors. Hispanics despise Joe Biden, too. Biden’s approval rating among Hispanic voters in this country has fallen to 24%, that’s his lowest among any demographic group.”

“Meanwhile, as of tonight, guess who’s their preferred candidate for 2024 among self-described Latinos? That’s right, the Taco Bowl Guy, Donald J. Trump. Let that sink in for a second. Donald Trump, supposedly the most anti-Hispanic racist this country has ever produced, that man is far more popular among actual Hispanics than a cringing white liberal like Joe Biden.”

“So, the guy who tried to build a border wall is loved, the guy who uses the word ‘latinx’ non-ironically, is hated. Remarkable.”

“Higher taxes will make the things that you buy cheaper. That’s what Biden just said. Inflation is up because taxes aren’t high enough.”

“Now, it’s hardly a defense of corporate America, which we would never defend, to point out that that as an economic analysis is completely insane. It’s not true. We’ve lost control of inflation because people like Joe Biden pushed a species of lunacy called ‘modern monetary theory.’ They printed an endless torrent of fake money to enrich and empower themselves, and by doing that, they crashed the US dollars and made you much poorer, that’s what happened. There’s not much debate about that. Now, they’re not going to acknowledge it, of course.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.


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