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Tucker Carlson Points Out How Biden Administration Is Blaming Inflation and High Gas Prices On Everyone But Themselves


On Wednesday’s edition of Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson blasted the Biden administration for blaming inflation on everyone but themselves. They blame Vladimir Putin by calling inflation and high gas prices the “Putin Price Hike,” but nobody’s buying it. Most people know inflation started long before Putin invaded Ukraine. They know it because they lived through it. People tend to feel it when their grocery bills go up week to week and when they see the price of gas at the pump is much higher than it was the last time they filled up.

Many people think that the Biden administration pushed hard for Putin to invade Ukraine because they wanted all along to use that to explain away how they destroyed our economy with their horrible economic and energy policies. Remember when they came out it, “It’s gonna happen on Wednesday” and Biden himself answering a question for a reporter on if he really thinks Putin is going to invade, “I think he is going in.” It was like Biden and members of his administration were saying things that made them sound hopeful that Putin would invade. Now we know why.

Biden has surrounded himself with climate nuts like his Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, the former governor of Michigan. Granholm is out there trying to push the misinformation for the administration about gas prices and inflation when that’s not really her job. Most people don’t know this, but despite its name, dealing with energy production isn’t the Energy Department’s main function. The main part of the department’s work is focused on maintaining, upgrading and safeguarding the country’s nuclear weapons.

Carlson played Granholm during her appearance on MSNBC, which at this point stands for More Silly Nonsense By Chicks, where she was saying that oil and gas companies have to produce more oil and gas to lower supply and demand costs and that they need to start relying on green energy, saying what I’m sure she thought was clever, “no country has ever been held hostage to access to the sun.” Give it a few years and the Democrats will figure that out.

What she is saying, obviously, is that the country is being held hostage to oil, but that wasn’t the case just two years ago prior to the Biden administration. We were energy independent. I don’t give a damn what the eggheads of this administration tell us. We were energy independent, and we were the world’s largest exporter of oil. They screwed all of this up. The oil companies are not gouging and they are not withholding product to charge more money. The Biden administration has destroyed our energy sector and now that people are hurting and the administration is starting to hear about that they are coming up with ways to put blame on everybody in anybody else but themselves.

Joe Biden has no one but himself to blame for this. In fact, when Joe Biden campaigned for the job, he was telling people that he was going to end fossil fuel in America. Here he is telling a young voter just that.


[embedded content]

No one paid any attention to him back then because people at that point nobody thought there was a snowball’s chance in hell that he was ever going to win the nomination, let alone the presidency, and yet after the steal and once he was inaugurated, he started doing exactly what he promised. He wrote executive orders shutting down the Keystone pipeline while approving the Russian Nord Stream Pipeline to be completed. He shut down oil leases. He put a moratorium on energy production in Alaska and on federal lands and water, even though Congress gave clear directions. Biden got rid of streamlining and transparency reforms for federal permitting processes. He also reinstated the “social cost of carbon,” a shadow carbon tax enforced by regulators, not legislators, and a host of other disastrous actions that have gotten us to where we are today.

Tucker said, “You may be asking yourself ‘why would you put someone like that who’s never had a real job and achieved precisely nothing in her life and actually doesn’t know anything about anything, why would you put her in a key position like Secretary of Energy?’ Because she knows the science. As she just told you, ‘sun and wind are the most reliable forms of energy,’ it’s not like clouds could block the sun or the wind might stop blowing, that’s insane.”

You gotta love Tucker when he’s in the zone.


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