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Tucker: Unprecedented AOC


Tucker presents excerpts from New York Magazine’s new book about AOC. Highlights include:

“It’s an amazing book. Let’s put it this way: It opens by comparing Ocasio-Cortez to Jesus, and then it suggests that because she once got second place in a high school science competition, she could’ve gone on to win the Nobel prize.”

“It is a remarkable piece of journalism.”

“She’s not just the first woman to represent her congressional district in the state of New York, she’s the first woman in human history to get elected to something and then ‘live fully out loud while female.’ What exactly does that mean? Is it a trans thing? Honestly, we don’t know. She’s definitely loud.”

“But we did understand the next line, ‘the degradations of womanhood are personal to her.’ Well, that’s certainly true. No one has done more personally to degrade American womanhood than Sandy Cortez has. She is living proof that 60 years of feminist liberation did not work. Sandy Cortez is not empowered, she’s neurotic and silly.”

“They spent the entire book pretending that Sandy Cortez has just emerged from some teeming favela in the slums of Rio to save the world’s poor. Reading it you would have literally no clue she was a credentialed member of the overclass. You’d think she’s Saint Francis.”

“A prophet, or proof that Adderall abuse is more common than we admit? We’ll let you decide.”

“We will tell you that the editors at New York Magazine are highly impressed by the way Ocasio-Cortez looks. They think she’s hot. It’s a major theme in the book, and in fact, it’s a major theme with Ocasio-Cortez herself. She talks about her beauty constantly. Just a few weeks ago, she let us know how hard it is that everyone wants to sleep with her all the time. What a burden.”

“Yet, she does her job anyway. That’s why she’s a hero.”




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