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We Must Secure Our Elections



Tucker questions why our “Department of Justice” is arresting innocent old men for doing nothing wrong because of how they voted while perjurers, murderers and actual terrorists are rewarded. Highlights include:

“This is not the way civilized countries operate. Just because you control the White House and both houses of Congress does not mean you get to throw your political opponents behind bars.”

“That’s not what we do in America, that’s what they do in Haiti, but that’s what we’re doing now, and Peter Navarro’s not the first.”

“Biden’s justice department also arrested Trump advisor Steve Bannon for a similar fake crime. Steve Bannon is awaiting trial this summer. So, this is not something we’ve seen before, it’s a huge step toward the politics of the Third World.”

“But, the media whose job you thought it was to push back against power are not. They’re in fact, applauding because it turns out no punishment is too severe for those who disagree with the national news media.”

“So, they really are your enemies. They’re not covering the news, they’re plotting ways to hurt you. That’s true.”

“‘Congressional subpoenas are not optional!,’ they lecture you. Comply with them or go to jail, that’s the message the ‘lawyers’ on television are sending. So, let’s pretend for a moment that that was true, though it’s in fact not true. If there was, in fact, a law like that, for that law to be legitimate it would have to be, like all laws, applied equally across the board, and no less than the Attorney General himself has said that again and again and again.”

“If somebody asserts executive privilege, at the very least Congress doesn’t get to arrest them. Before anyone is arrested, they have to go to a judge to rule on whether or not executive privilege is valid in this case, and that’s exactly what happened in Eric Holder’s case.”

“And by the way, the federal judge rejected Eric Holder’s executive privilege claim and still he was not arrested. Why? You know why. Because he’s a leading democrat.”

“But in Peter Navarro’s case, Merrick Garland’s DOJ did not even bother to ask a judge. They just arrested Peter Navarro at National Airport. So, what we’re seeing here isn’t really about Peter Navarro or Steve Bannon. What we’re seeing is a massive escalation in the use by the democratic party of our justice system for partisan revenge.”

“Is the justice department bothered by this? No, of course not. You know what bothers the justice department quite a bit? Defying the democratic party. Do that and your house gets raided by a SWAT team that tips off CNN before it happens. Roger Stone discovered that the hard way.”

“Nothing destroys the legitimacy of our institutions more than politicized law enforcement. You can’t have that. Justice must be blind. If there is a single institution we have to preserve for the sake of our children and grandchildren, it’s our justice system and the law enforcement agencies that serve it. They can’t be corrupt. If they’re corrupt, it’s going to be pretty hard to live here.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments. Actually, better not, BB’s gonna’ getcha.’


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