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White House Issues Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet So You Can School Your Uncle On How Awesome Joe Biden Is


For some reason, liberals think Thanksgiving and Christmas are times to get up in your family’s face about politics. This year’s Turkey Day atrocity has the White House sending out a cheat sheet so you can school your uncle on how awesome of a job Joe Biden has done. If your uncle is the one who paid for the feast, chances are he won’t listen.

It looks like the entire White House is on on this attempt to ruin Thanksgiving:

All of my uncles are good guys with solid beliefs and respect enough not to turn Thanksgiving into a political cage match.

I’m starting to suspect that these White House stooges are the people nobody in their family wants to come to dinner because they turn everything into a big shit fit.

I have the ability to get through a diner without yelling at family and friends who may have different opinions than me but then again I’m not a stark raving liberal lunatic.

Not only does the White House want to ruin Thanksgiving by encouraging people to get in their family’s grill, the cheat sheet is complete bullshit.

Biden hasn’t tackled inflation or lowered the cost of anything. The average cost of this year’s Thanksgiving dinner is up 20% from last year and that was up 10% from when Trump was in office. Gas is also still much higher than it was before Biden stole the White House. I guess if you need to buy a hearing aide, Joe hooked you up, but then again, that was something Republicans did with Trump that Biden took credit for.

Biden also didn’t take on Big Pharma and win. He may have lowered some drug prices for seniors on Medicare, but they will certainly pass that cost onto the rest of us. That’s actually a win for Big Pharma and a devastating loss for everyone under 65 who has to pay for their own health insurance or medicine.

Biden’s “first meaningful gun safety legislation in nearly 30 years” is also a massive failure. I don’t if Joe noticed, but there’s been a bunch of mass shootings recently in which the shooter should have been stopped beforehand but wasn’t. The reason for this is because laws only stop law-abiding people from breaking the law.

The funniest thing about this cheat sheet is that Biden brags about working with Republicans…

Worked with Republicans to rebuild America’s infrastructure.

Worked with Republicans to make more in America…

Brought together Republicans and democrats…

…followed immediately by:

Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress are EXTREME

If Republicans in Congress are extreme and Joe is working with them (2 untruths, BTW) doesn’t that make him an extremist as well? Biden has bragged about working with segregationist and white supremacists so this is his M.O. The only difference is, Republicans aren’t the extremists, pro-abortion, anti gun, defund the police democrats are.

Liberals hate themselves and therefore want everyone around them to suffer like they do. That’s why they encourage everyone to throw temper tantrums at family gatherings.

At my house, we will have the traditional watching of the Detroit Lions lose followed by our annual T-Day football game: dudes and dogs vs. girls and grannies. Then we’ll eat a huge feast, get drunk, and never once engage in a conversation about Joe Biden.


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