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Police: Woman shot in face by angry ex-husband who saw her post on Tiktok about divorce


CHICAGO, IL: Love knows no bounds. You know what also knows no bounds?

Absolute hate.

Which is exactly what Raheel Ahmad, 36, proved when he traveled more than 700 miles to his ex-wife’s home in Chicago to shoot her in the head and then kill himself.

His ex-wife, Sania Khan, 29, took to social media to tell her tale of frustration, disappointment, and depression over getting divorced. Family members of Khan too expressed disappointment with the idea of a divorce, but the couple went through with it anyway.

Tiktok Posts

Khan went to her Tiktok account and stated:

“Going through a divorce as a South Asian woman feels like you failed at life sometimes. The way the community labels you, the lack of support you receive, and the pressure to stay with someone because ‘what will people say’ makes it harder for women to leave marriages that they shouldn’t have been in to begin with.”

Sania poured her heart out on Tiktok. @geminigirl_099

Khan later expressed a bit of optimism in another Tiktok post:

“The few months of any divorce journey is the darkest. It’s full of anxiety, sleepless nights, wondering if you’re doing the right thing, thinking Allah abandoned you, and feeling hopeless.

You are not a failure because your marriage did not work out. Be gentle with your heart during this stage, time does heal all things and it will get better.”

Police: Woman shot in face by angry ex-husband who saw her post on Tiktok about divorce

However, her posts did not go unnoticed. Her ex-husband dealt with his own agony of the divorce, which was finalized in May of this year, but he did not cope well with it.

The Chicago-Sun times reported:

“A man traveled from his home in Georgia and fatally shot his ex-wife in her condominium in Streeterville Monday afternoon before turning the gun on himself as officers tried to get inside, according to police reports.

Officers arrived at the building in the 200 block of East Ohio Street around 4:30 p.m. after police in Alpharetta, Ga., requested a well-being check on Raheel Ahmad, 36, the reports state. His family had reported him missing from the Atlanta suburb, where he lived.”

The Chicago-Sun times also reported:

“An officer from Alpharetta told Chicago police that Ahmad and his wife, 29-year-old Sania Khan, were ‘going through a divorce,’ according to the reports. He was depressed and traveled here ‘to salvage the marriage.’”

The officers who arrived to Khan’s condo reported that they knocked on her door, heard a single gun shot and a groan.

When the officers entered the residence, they found Khan on the floor nearby with a gun shot wound to the back of head, her face covered in dried blood.

Ahmad was found in the bedroom, also with a gun shot wound to the head, along with a note. The medical examiner’s office ruled Khan a homicide, and Ahmad a suicide.

The Chicago-Sun Times also reported:

“Khan was a photographer who specialized in shots of weddings and happy couples. She wrote on her professional website that her work was dedicated to capturing “life’s most precious moments.”

Grant, a friend of Khan’s from high school who didn’t want his last name published, told the Sun-Times she was planning to move back home this week ‘to start planning her next move in her photography career.’ He said her death ‘still doesn’t seem real.’”

Khan started her career as a social worker, but then pursued photography on the side. She changed career paths and became a flight attendant to give herself unique opportunities to photograph different scenery and different cultures.

Her lifelong dreams were cut short by a jealous, enraged ex-husband who sought a desperate solution that served no purpose.

Domestic Violence in Chicago

Crime in Chicago has risen dramatically over the last few years. With Mayor Lori Lightfoot behind the wheel, it’s no surprise- especially domestic violence.

In a report issue last month covering domestic violence in Chicago:

“The Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline received 32,363 contacts in 2021, a 9% increase from 2020. This increase was seen across the state, with many counties receiving substantially higher increases in contacts.”

The report continued:

“Simultaneously, overall violence rates increased in Chicago. In 2021, there were 121 domestic violence related shootings recorded by CPD, a 64% increase from 2020.2 More survivors received services, though rates remained below pre-COVID levels.”

If Chicago didn’t embrace such soft-on-crime, liberal policies involving violent crime, perhaps Khan would still be alive today.



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